Hawaii Adventure Elopement

Is it really an elopement if it wasn’t epic? Whether you’re considering a micro wedding, an intimate wedding, or just the two of you, I’m here to make it an adventure. 2 days of big epic things. One day for a gorgeous and serene ceremony. With an amazing location, an officiant and whoever you bring with. 

Then, we wake up day 2 and embrace the other side of the elopement. the chaos, the messy, the wild. We trek to waterfalls, black sand beaches, giant red cliffs, normal cliffs, Tidepools, fresh water springs. It might rain, or it might be hot and sweaty. Either way, it’s an adventure in whatever you want to wear. Big discounts to anyone who wears a T-rex costume 🙂

*Down for the adventure?  $4100

*Not enough time? Having the big all day wedding AND want the adventure? $5000

*Just the big wedding? $3000

*Wanting more classic and quick? Let’s just do the epic location with a gorgeous ceremony. $1000

Let’s not forget our boats! Having a boat wedding and reception with a Catamaran? $1700

Private Small Boat wedding (and fishing!?) $5500

USA Elopement

So..you love me..but not feeling Hawaii for your elopement? I go ANYWHERE. I love adventure in any place, as long as my couple is as adventurous as me. I plan an entire  day adventure for us. You can choose to do your ceremony on a different day and keep your adventure day totally stress fee!  I’ll find whatever vendor you need, the epic location, and all the adventures to follow. We can do crazy hikes, insane drives, road trip between states. It’s not just an elopement, make it the adventure of a lifetime. 

$5000 all inclusive of digital gallery, travel fees, and excessive planning and wedding help.. 

North Carolina Mountains (Boone, Asheville, Blue Ridge Parkway, mountain venues) 

Maui Elopement Photographer & Elopement Photography

“With me…It’s not about capturing and sending 1000 good photos, it’s waiting and capturing the 100 raw and incredible moments of an authentic love story “

International Elopement??

Adventures exist everywhere. I wish I could too, but instead I can’t wait for those couples who love me enough to take me with them across international waters! You get an epic 2 day adventure with me. As well as me planning all the spots. I’m a massive over planner, so I’m useful for those who just want to fly into their epic adventure and not even sweat a bead. This whole adventure is all negotiable. Let’s trek 2 different countries together! Let’s take a train from one town to the next. Let’s hop on. ferry and boat from island to island. Or..let’s just plan for on epic mountain range and a gorgeous exchange of vows. Wherever you have in mind, I’m here to tell the story in it’s entirety. 

Starts at $7000.

Want me cheaper?? Here are some bucket list areas I’ll be a good deal on 🙂






*Philippines (Cebu Island)



MUA and Hair Stylist, Manifest Beauty 
Florist, Petite.Maui on Instagram 
Videographer, Portola Studios 
Officiant, Reverend Julienne 

Elopement Photographer in Maui