Have you ever listened to a song, or watched a movie scene, where you wanted to just be bold and daring. You wanted to soar on tops of mountains, or run with big dresses through big fields? In an instant…you craved an adventure that was breath taking and full of child like wonder? Well…so have I:) There’s big music playing in my head as I try to create those moments of adventure and excitement during my time with you. Whether you’re laughing as you roll in sand during an epic sunset…or you running through mountains and jungles feeling the salty breeze. I want your moment with me…to be that moment you’ll remember forever. 

Maui Couples Photographer | Couples Photography

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory"
-Dr. Suess

"More significant than Alicia's eye for beauty, is her eye for (and ability to elicit) genuine emotion. This is what makes her art capture those who see it. Her energy, direction and positivity brings out the best in her subjects.. I reached out to Alicia days before my solo trip to Hawaii. I never imagined I'd have a solo photoshoot ."


We will be creating moments of adventure, excitement, and laughter during my time with you. Discover the fullness of the Road to Hana, explore jungles, or take in the beauty of the Pacific with loved ones on the black sands. Let’s capture a story with feeling and rich history.

"What an AMAZING experience!!! We were so excited with how the photos turned out. The best part of this experience was Alicia’s knowledge of the Road to Hana. We visited beautiful places. She was so respectful and taught us much about Hawaiian culture. This is 100% worth the investment. World class!!!"

A'a i ka hula, waiho i ka maku'u i ka hale

Dare to dance, leave shame at home.



I’d Love to Chat and create some magic with you. 

"Alicia has great ideas and artistic vision. My kids had so much fun with her! Alicia is really good at drawing out our emotions during all those candid shots. She created so many beautiful and unforgettable sunset images. We are so happy with how all of our pictures came out."

Couples Photographer in Maui