Looking for something short and sweet? Maybe an adventure day? I offer a range of sessions to cater any moment you wish to cherish forever, from the start of a passionate honeymoon to the chaos and love of large families.

Road to Hana

The number one thing to do in Maui. A road that stretches over 40 miles and more, with over 600 hairpin turns and over 110 one way bridges. The road IS the journey. Although, with me…It comes with trekking through jungles and swimming in fresh water pools. Kissing your lover on black sand, and running through giant fields overlooking the Pacific Ocean. With adventure photos of real adventures. You follow me to my favorite gems, my favorite foodie places, and spend the whole day smiling, soaking wet, and covered in kisses and sand. All being captured behind my lens. I take you on an adventure, and capture the story of your day. Whether it’s with your kiddos making big jumps, or your husband making some big kisses. 

This day is all about you, for you, capturing you. You get to live those movie moments in real time…and I direct the whole day and make it magic. So when you’ve settled back into your daily lives and the mist of then salt has been thoroughly cleaned off…you’re delivered an epic gallery of images that make you want to rebook those plane tickets immediately 🙂 


If you love the idea of adventure, but not so much the long day or drive. I offer a Moody Waterfall Photoshoot halfway on this road. $800.

It’s a half day of adventure that tells the story of what I feel from your Ohana. Whether it’s screaming from crashing waves, or rolling in the sand with the love of your life. Maybe it’s moody teens getting all their favorite magazine model shots, and lots of kisses with your toddler. This package just offers the time capture you. With 2-3 locations, lots of photos, 2 styled looks (If you want)…and of course, photos to remember every sandy crevice and salty kiss. 


This package is also available if you would like to do a land location plus an underwater location. 

The Hawaiian language is just as beautiful as the sun popping over the mountain breaking through the dark skies. This session is magical and peaceful and early. There’s something completely different and unique to being awake before the sun. The waiting and the calmness that were allowed before the sunrise. Then that moment as the light breaks through is just extraordinary. With the golden light only lasting about 10-15 minutes…I create and work quickly and deliver 60-70 fully edited images. 

Short, sweet and with all the memories. Telling a story with you. Creating a gallery of art all created out of your love, smiles, and chaos. Your entire session is designed from start to finish to create movement, emotion and of course to provide you art pieces for your home, consisting of YOU! Capturing the art of your emotions behind my lens. Be prepared for anything during this session. I work with you to create the perfect look for who you are, and what story we are telling. Intimate, soulful and an experience you won’t forget. This package comes with fully edited images handpicked by me, with an extra touch to paint the mood of your session. I also offer to help piece together a whole style for you to ease the stress of clothes shopping :). Great for families or couples wanting to capture real, untraditional moments. I deliver 40-50 fully edited images via digitally in the highest resolution.  

November-February $450

March-October $600

For a mini version of this, you receive 20-30 fully edited images. $300. Locations Limited to Central Maui.

ANYONE can do this 🙂 There are various underwater photos we can do, with half out and half in, or for those who can dive. There’s a whole new world under the sea 🙂 Plan for a couple to a few hours for this session. it takes time to put on gear, do any “training” and of course play with the water and the light. 

Freedivers: We have a wider range of locations. If you want photos of spearfishing, or general diving from shore. $400 

Couples : Plan to do lots of creative moves 🙂 If you’re visiting then we will plan to do locations near your resort so you can snorkel/dive in the location before hand and get familiar 🙂

Boat Tagalong: Lots of boats have their own photographer following everyone that decides to snorkel, but if you want your own private photographer while we dive at the boat locations, I’m always down. $500 plus Boat ticket required

Training session before the shoot: If you’ve only ever snorkeled, We will meet up at a beach and I’ll give you an hour of practice diving. This does not include any photos. This is me coming with you and teaching you how to navigate in the water and give you basics on how to dive. I recommend doing this a couple days before your session, so you can practice every time you snorkel. $200

Families: Kiddos usually can’t snorkel, so diving is usually not an option, that doesn’t take the underwater aspect out! This is great for families who want to be creative. We can paddle boat out and take great shots around the board, we can do shallow water with small kiddos getting some of those underwater shots. There’s a lot of variations for this shoot, so reach out to me if you’re interested! $300-$500


P.s. Underwater diving is fun, also important to know that we are not the bigger fish. So murky water, rainy days, and any upset weather will delay the session. Always have backup days planned when booking, as we will only shoot in water that has clarity.