WanderLust Package

Photographer, Nanny, Travel Planner

What if you told me..Italy for $$$. Or what about somewhere beachy, or somewhere with camping etc…ANYWHERE in the world. All you had to do was fill out some questions, and I do it all. The planning, the bookings, the transportation, the mapping, and then you get a number. It covers me for the whole week. To capture the actual vacation. No planning a specific spot, I come to all of them. I find the hidden gems and the stunning hikes. 

With my background in studying Early childhood education, I’ve been a private nanny for years before I discovered my love for photography. So I’ll even plan your epic date nights WITHOUT the kids. A true gem for those who want it all 🙂 Packages are completely customizable depending on location, budget, in or out of country etc. Reach out to fill the questionnaire and begin there! 


  • July 7th-14th

Washington-Olympic Park

  • April 25th-29th 

"If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet."
-Rachel Wolchin

"More significant than Alicia's eye for beauty, is her eye for (and ability to elicit) genuine emotion. This is what makes her art capture those who see it. Her energy, direction and positivity brings out the best in her subjects."

more epic Travel spots


June 14-17th



Want a Deal on a place im going?

  • Adventure Elopements / Wedding Attire
  • Aquire/Purchase my dream wardrobe for your session

2025 Travel

  • All Inclusive Iceland (airfare and food not included) 

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