2023 Travel Dates


  • May 26th – Cannon Beach Sunset SOLD OUT
  • May 27th – SOLD OUT
  • May 28th – Cape Kiwanda  SOLD OUT
  • May 28th – Face Rock Scenic Point Sunset SOLD OUT
  • May 29th – Cape Kiwanda SOLD OUT
  • May 31st – Smith Rock Park Sunrise/ Sunset
  • June 1st – Smith Rock State Park Sunrise
  • June 2nd – Ambiqua Waterfalls 
  • June 3rd – Trillium Lake Sunrise SOLD OUT


  • June 30th PM SOLD OUT
  • July 1st Seward AM Session
  • July 1st PM SOLD OUT
  • July 2nd AM  SOLD OUT
  • July 2nd PM Hatcher’s Pass


  • October 2nd-El Matador Beach Sunset
  • October 3rd-Los Angelas Sunrise Santa Monica Pier
  • October 3rd – Los Angeles : Venice Beach SOLD OUT
  • October 4th – Los Angeles : El Matador Beach AM
  • October 4th – San Francisco: Baker Beach SOLD OUT
  • October 5th- San Francisco : Baker Beach SOLD OUT
  • October 7th – Yosemite Sunrise SOLD OUT
  • October 7th- Yosemite Sunset
  • October 8th – Yosemite Sunrise

"If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet."
-Rachel Wolchin

"More significant than Alicia's eye for beauty, is her eye for (and ability to elicit) genuine emotion. This is what makes her art capture those who see it. Her energy, direction and positivity brings out the best in her subjects."

more epic Travel spots

Montana / Wyoming/ Colorado/Utah/Arizona

(Prices vary between $400-$600. All Sessions come with styling for purchase)

  • September 22nd- Montana: Glacier National Park  SOLD OUT
  • September 25th- Wyoming: Grand Tetons Sunrise SOLD OUT
  • September 25th – Colorado: Rocky Mountain National Park SOLD OUT
  • September 27th- Utah: Bryce Canyon Sunset
  • September 28th- Utah: Zion National Park SOLD OUT
  • September 29th- Utah- Buckskin Gulch
  • September 30th- Arizona: Grand Canyon Sunrise

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2024 Travel BucketList

  •  Scotland 
  • Ireland
  • Alaska
  • Iceland
  • North Carolina 
  • Florida
  • Texas

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